Lehman College/CUNY


  • Mission Statement

    Lehman College serves the Bronx and surrounding region as an intellectual, economic, and cultural center. Lehman College provides undergraduate and graduate studies in the liberal arts and sciences and professional education within a dynamic research environment, while embracing diversity and actively engaging students in their academic, personal, and professional development.

  • Vision

    Lehman College has entered a new era in its history as an institution of higher education. The College is already known for its outstanding faculty, dedicated staff, superb library, art gallery, theaters, speech and hearing clinic, and athletic facilities. The recent addition of a state of the art, “green” science facility is intended to invigorate faculty and student research and prepare Lehman students for science-based careers.

  • Values

    Lehman College is committed to providing the highest quality education in a caring and supportive environment where respect, integrity, inquiry, creativity, and diversity contribute to individual achievement and the transformation of lives and communities.