Marcy Lab School

We create pathways into tech careers for underestimated youth, empowering them to take control of their future.  

  • The Opportunity

    A unique opportunity has resulted from the combination of exploding demand for technical talent and the inability of higher education to keep pace. Tech companies, both large and small, are now opening opportunities to non-traditional candidates, even those without a four-year degree. Thus, there exists an opportunity provide recent high school graduates with an alternative option for post-secondary education that provides technical training and direct access to employment opportunities in some of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy.

  • Our Programs

    While employment is our immediate mission, our ultimate purpose is to position youth of color to leverage technology for financial empowerment and to create solutions to the problems that their communities face each day. We work with schools and community organizations to provide exposure opportunities and enrichment programming to high school students. In addition, we provide full-time learning opportunities for recent high school graduates to prepare them to compete for entry level web development positions.

  • Our Team

    The Marcy Lab School was founded in 2018 by two educators simply looking to provide students and families with another option. With strong opinions about the future of tech and the state of education, Reuben and Maya are setting out to redefine what vocational training means in the 21st Century.